First blog post: Full Moons Only April 4, 2017 (Julian 094)

We are leaving this “placeholder” post intact so we can later cast a chart based on it to provide a chart for the birth of the blog.  This is a dedicated blog, a spinoff from Grand Trines, for Full Moon posts and reblogs only.  That said….

“Things” have been “weird” “around here” “lately.”  (All forms of emphasis intended.)  Connectivity problems have prevented me from making the timely updates that most of my readers require.  So I am getting out the retrograde / full moon reblogs as fast as I can, anticipating that “things” may worsen.  Stay tuned, same Bat Channel, hopefully (maybe) the same Bat Time….

More Spinoffs

Given the Retrograde Season currently (April, 2017), we are spinning off a few new blogs that we have been thinking about for some time:

Getting the bugs out of a new blog takes, at a minimum, a few days or a week, and possibly as much as a few months.  Stick with us as we develop these new blogs and tune our existing blogs.

Libra Full Moon of April, 2017

Not all of the reblogs will make it for this first FM for the new blog.  That is because WP locks the reblogging process once it has been used by a particular site or family of sites.  While this is probably a good idea for preventing spamming, it prevents us from providing you with the content from these early posters.  (We will probably develop a post with links specifically to them.)  Our apologies for this, and we hope to not encounter that again (unless it is out of our control, such as when connectivity problems happen).