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A shorter note this FULL MOON… since it’s all in the vibration, less in the information…

The Piscean Unification Full Moon!
We’re all in THIS.

For better or worse.
In the Music, in the Smoke.
In the Wave of it all.

The Full Moon in PISCES – VIRGO – with MOON / NEPTUNE – will be exact 3 minutes after midnight tonight PDT. Here is her chart:

PI - VIR FM 2017

How can we fix and RE-solve this or that….?
Maybe NOT.
Maybe it’s more (ALL!) about being in the Vibration of LOVE.

After Fullness, the MOON will pass CHIRON in late PI, just before midnight PDT Sept 6.

‘Healing’ happens, or at least things come into flow again, through empathy and connectedness. No fixing of faults, but being with what IS and with who they ARE.
Here’s a beautiful video that RE-emerged for our CHIRON Archetype group this week.


…through cards and…

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Full Moon – September 6, 2017

Life is Love!

Working with the natural cycles of the heavens and the phases of the moon is like working with a master gardener – learning when to plant (or sow), and when to release (harvest or let go of).  The natural pulse will support you in facilitating the change you desire.

The planetary energy we are working with in this 2 week phase is telling us to listen to the message of our heart. We have all accepted an invitation to ascend.  Each of us are reaching for a higher vibration. To facilitate this:

  • Envision what is sacred
  • Envision what is beautiful
  • Step into that responsibility we have to love and to connect
  • Accept the decision to take your next right step, then choose your next move

We may find the landscape in our world a bit rugged at times, however, the Universe promises to support us if we are obedient…

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The Last Full Moon of Summer

Spiritual in a Religious Town

The last Full Moon of Summer
travels through Pisces.
We become fish.
Swimming through the Virgin’s Sun.

Green is fading from the individual leaves,
which make up September’s breeze.
It is time again for their cyclical death.

First, a promise to return.
Mother Nature’s majestic show.
Green becomes red, orange, and yellow.

With each fading leaf,
death calls cold
to take warmth’s place.

As Hades calls Persephone
to be his Queen,
At least,
until the return
of her Spring.

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Full Moon in Pisces, 6th Sept, 2017!

Helen Edey


Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune!
Full moon time, Sun and Moon opposite each other, happens every month. And I gotta say for this one I’ve got nothing!, sorry about that, so my thoughts and feelings are this.
Go with the Pisces theme, Pisces rules the 12th house, house of endings, the end. Neptune rules Pisces which is conjunct to Moon. Let go, take a step back, let yourself just detach and be, for a few hours or days that the energy of Pisces is around.
Come back to yourself, get lost in the everyday, mundane things, focus on the here and now for a moment, and when you can dream the dream, use your imagination, chill, and the big Pisces one, trust and love, take a look at life from the higher perspective, get a higher view of the bigger plan, the universal plan.
There is a sense…

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Full Moon in Pisces 9/6

Willpower Astrology

oHey everyone,

It’s that time again! The full moon in Pisces happened at 12.03am MST on September 6, which means that it happened late the 5th on the west coast in the USA. This full moon is the culmination of the new moon in Leo that was also the Great American Total Eclipse that went down August 21. That means there’s a lot of mojo in the mix!

Full moons are the time to take action, when all the new moon seeds have been planted and are coming to fruition. The conscious Sun has our subconscious Moon lit af, fam. We are energized at this time at this time in particular because the sign of Pisces represents the subconscious, spiritual receptivity, and giving yourself up to dissolve back into the sea, into the eternal flow. Pisces people tend to take in a million different things at once, rather than zeroing…

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