Your Week Ahead – March 8-14, 2020 (Full Moon, Mercury stations direct)

Thank you for a beautifully crafted analysis of the Full Moon of March, 2020. Your words flow like poetry, and your invitation to ascend into higher order thought cannot be ignored, a gateway that sets the stage for the transformation coming with the Grand Conjunction of December 21st of 2020.
Here is my analysis of the Full Moon of March, 2020:

Unfolding Tarot

This weeks reading from the Voyager Tarot deck by James Wanless. (click image for larger view)

My apologies for the repost! I had a mercury retrograde moment in scheduling this reading!

Moments of insight spark our minds, triggering restlessness and inquisitiveness as the week begins. Surfacing ideas create many more potential outcomes to play out in our thoughts and we are stimulated and captivated. Mercury stations direct on Monday which will have a deep effect on our mental landscape, inviting realizations and messages to be revealed.

We need this information. Something badly needs to come out of the ether so that we can move our plans along to the next stage. We feel increasingly ready to move and free ourselves from a stagnant situation but our minds have been clouded and indecisive. We’ve been working with a few different options. Some coming together only to be scrapped and rethought.


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