Full Moon Monday

I like the prescription that you offer to “leverage this time of illumination.” I think it might be a good time to practice photography or to write lyrics.
Here is my analysis of the Full Moon of March, 2020: https://grandtrines.wixsite.com/website/post/sun-joins-neptune-full-moon-mercury-direct

Stacey Justis

Monday there is a beautiful full moon in Virgo and with allthat’s going on in the world I want to be the person to say to you, “Everything is going to be okay!!”

You know my work is all about energy, and this full moonis asking us to focus on love. It has proven to be the only thing we can truly trust. Its vibration is one we can count on!

This is completely counter to whatwe’re being instructed to do by mass media. We’re being told to sequester and separate ourselves from others. All this,at a time when ourintuition ispulling us toward connection and the desire to love and be loved.

You may find yourself with inner conflict around choices regarding what you want to do versus what you “think you should” do.

The message here is to follow your heart and have the courage to make your own…

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