Our values, boundaries and manipulation – the game of Scorpio and Taurus

Spirit of Tara

Spirit of Tara

Scorpio energy can strive to manipulate others in order to get what it needs. It is not violent and aggressive, but perceptive, sneaky and penetrating. It goes through our defense system without us even realizing we gave it permission to enter. With Scorpio, we find ourselves in it’s possessive embrace with no idea how we got there. But there is one astrological entity that can run to our aid. It is the energy of Taurus, the fierce stability, the stubborn persistence, the everlasting commitment to our values.

Knowing what we stand for, what we value, what we need and what we plan to get from this existence is the best tool in dealing with manipulative energies. We don’t need to defend or fight for our beliefs. No, that’s not the Taurian way. The only way to avoid manipulation is not to join their game, not go into the battlefield they…

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