Values and Beliefs Full Moon 2

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We finished last night with…

“The Full Moon chart offers several tools and Graces to help us Measure our Beliefs and Values against the Truth of our Deep Self.  We’ll go into that in the next post (Mercury [Analysis] Conjunct Sun [Essence], Veritas [Truth] Conjunct Hylonome [Sovereignty], Venus Stationary, Water Grand Trine, Almost-Grand-Sextile).”

But first…

We’re already well into a major Priority event that runs at least through 9pm PDT 10 May 2020.  The Universe will be asking us to set aside Priorities two through ten so we can focus entirely on Priority Number One.  That’ll be different for each of us, but it shouldn’t be hard for you to identify The Most Important Thing to you.  It may be an Insight about what you’ll be doing in 2021, and who you’ll be doing it with(Station of Saturn [The…

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Full Moon Reading 7th of May 2020 – Time to remember who we are and why we are here. — Skyview Astrology

**SkyView Astrology** Full Moon Reading 7th of May 2020 Time to remember who we are and why we are here. by Katharina Bless The moon in Libra with the Sun in Aries with Uranus and Mercury. We can see here that the information that is coming out is now like a tidal wave, nobody can […]

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“FIGHTING” FULL MOON IN SCORPIO 2020 Thursday, May 7th yields this year’s Full Moon in Scorpio. Nicknamed “The Fighting Moon’, this full moon warns against putting ourselves in any potentially volatile situation. The full moon in Scorpio promises to be an explosive day of self-expression, cold shoulders and the taking of everything far too personally. […]


Astrology May 7, 2020: Full Moon in Scorpio — Cosmic Life Coach

Cosmic Weather: “The causes of every human action, Tolstoy thought, were so manifold, so complex, and so deeply hidden in unconscious motivations that it is impossible to know why anything ever happened.” Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren There’s a Full Moon in transformational Scorpio, this morning (at 6:45 am). It’s also the last […]

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Scorpio Full Moon

Urania Rules

Into the deep pool of torrid water Venus lowered herself and felt her swollen aches melt away. The rigid tension that had been trapped within her rose to the surface of her skin and rolled into the hot spring as drops of sweat. Mercury sat at the edge, his ankles submerged, pulling on a pipe of catnip and gazing at the goddess. Her head was tilted skyward to the full Scorpio Moon but her eyes were closed as if soaking up lunar rays, her mouth relaxed into a heavenly smile. For a moment he forgot his concerns and felt utterly absorbed with awe at the divine love she so clearly ruled. Venus’s new companions, two leggy hounds, chased each other around the lovers in playful banter. Mercury noted that although the goddess’s body was so beautifully feminine in the moonlight, her arms and shoulders had pronounced muscles now reminding him…

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