The Great Mother


“She used to tell me that a full moon was when mysterious things happen and wishes come true.” – Shannon A. Thompson

The Moon cycles every month from New Moon to First Quarter Moon to Full Moon to Last Quarter Moon and back to New Moon in a never-ending dance. The oceans feel and respond to her energy and so do we. The Moon was depicted as the Goddess, by various names, in cultures of old. The Great Mother.

The Moon’s cycle affects our emotions and feelings. She is in each sign of the zodiac for about two days. When the Moon is transiting through Pisces your imagination and intuition may be strong, you can feel vulnerable and may feel like withdrawing from the world. You can be easily discouraged. When she moves into the following sign, Aries, it’s as though someone flipped the energy switch. You may feel like…

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Opening – Full Moon in Sagittarius

emerging pattern

Some time passed already: the Full Moon at 18° Sagittarius the 09.06.2017 was intense, and it still sends out some ripples…

Two degrees apart from my AC/DC axis this Full Moon triggered an opening in my life, after a long time avoiding unnecessary communication.

My work team had the 09.06.2017 a systemic team intervention: a whole day practising communication in a different way than in all the sales trainings we had over the years. I was in training for systemic techniques with the coach, and she has the perfect profile for us. I worked one and a half-year to initialize it. I talked with several (changing) superiors several times to persuade them trying a new way in team training, and finally we got it. Basically we have a good team. And by communicating better we can support each other better and make better sales. The day was fun, and when…

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Into the Wild Unknown Woods

Arachne's Thread

Full Moon in Sagittarius

While I took a shower I had an idea; why not use two decks for this the Full Moon in Sagittarius spread? Which decks would I use? The Wild Unknown Tarot and the Wildwood Tarot.

The Wild Unknown Tarot (WUT), an incredibly popular and instagram ready deck, it is highly intuitive and full of compelling artwork. Thisis a deck I used to read with a lot. When I first got it I was still a tarot noob so I felt intimidated when trying to read with it. When I finally got over that hurdle I thought I had found my ‘Soul Deck’, but it’s been shelved for months without the pull to bring it out for a shuffle. Until now…

The Wildwood Tarot (WWT) is a more recent acquisition, yet it has become an important tool for spirit work. I’ve been using this deck to receive…

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Full Moon Jupiter 2

jbuss Astrology

Jupiter’s almost-simultaneous-to-the-Full-Moon Station, meanwhile, will Trigger 11-17 Degrees of the Cardinal Signs.  Those Degrees are all about Perfecting a Project, then Taking it All Apart, and then Laying a Foundation for Something Entirely New from the Pieces.  Since Jupiter’s in Libra, we’re likely to be Perfecting some Social Project, disassembling the Emotions involved, and Opening the Door to a Whole New Spiritual Endeavor.

The Jupiter-Station chart is complex…

So let’s take it apart.  Probably most primary is the Jupiter-Station T-Square across the Opposition from Veritas (Truth) to Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) and Chariklo (Self-Confidence), shown below in the heavy lines (the T-Square is the red triangle)… 

In other words, the whole week was a Test of our Self-Confidence and a Revelation of all of the Unconscious Energies that Inhibit our ConfidenceIf I’d have noticed this last week, I would…

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Full Moon Jupiter 3

jbuss Astrology

The 9 June Jupiter Station Lit Up 11-17 Degrees of the Cardinal Signs.  Let’s take another reader at random and see how having these Degrees Triggered might impact them… 

Well, this will reveal the reader’s age, so we can’t say anything else about their chart without giving out too much information, but for our reader, the Jupiter Station Lights Up a “Chariklo Return” that they’re in the middle of.

Every half-century or so, Chariklo Returns to the same place, and for us Hupers, this marks a major Crisis of Self-Confidence.  Chariklo symbolizes our Charm and Beauty, two characteristics that Hupers are particularly Fond of becoming Addicted to.  This Fondness from Other easily translates into Confidence for us – if folks tend to fawn over me, why wouldn’t I (ceteris paribus) develop Self-Confidence!  A patina of Privilege can thus constellate around Chariklo, if one’s Ego Attaches to the deference…

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Full Moon 9 June 2017 ~ A new Beginning is depending on how we end the old cycle!

Skyview Astrology

**SkyView Astrology**

FullMoon, 9 June 2017

A new Beginning is depending on how we end the old cycle!
By Katharina Bless

It took me a while to post this, to tune into this energy was a challenge. This Full Moon in Scorpio shows powerful trines offering giftsof omnipotent insights. In this coming couple weeks we are in a state of uncovering information from within, most probably from our own deep unconscious memories. These can help us to understand something really profound, because only if we understand and have that “aha” experience, we can shift into another gear.

It looks like the door to a volt is unlocked and we are standing there not sure if we should open the door and enter. But if we can overcome the fear, it feels like when Harry Potter was led into the volt of his parents and found the…

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